School Streets proposals and consultations

Residents of some roads around three primary schools in Upminster and Cranham have received letters from Havering Council, consulting them on a proposed ‘School Street’ scheme for their local school. The schools affected are Branfil, Engayne and James Ogelthorpe.

The schemes propose to close the roads to non-essential vehicles around the entrance to the school at opening and closing times, to reduce the number of journeys made to the school by car and improve air quality by reducing the level of pollution children are exposed to.

Residents would be exempt, as they could register their vehicles. Whether this would apply to school staff has not been made clear. The restriction would not prevent residents and their visitors leaving the street during these times, as only access is restricted.

Residents’ Association councillors have been contacted by a number of people concerned about the proposals and we are currently delivering our own letters, explaining the terms of the scheme in more detail.

Whilst everyone would want the journey to and from school to be safer, with less exposure to traffic fumes, we have a number of concerns –

  • The letters sent to residents by Havering Council state that the consultation ends on 02 August. However, the council website states that it is 09 August – We have asked for clarification, including extending the time if it is only until 02 August.
  • It was not included in the Council’s letters to residents around Engayne and James Ogelthorpe schools, that the the current Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) schemes have expired and will no longer be in place from September.
  • The proposed pedestrian and cycle zone times are from 8-9.30am and 2.30-4pm Monday to Friday, meaning that visitors (both private and work) and deliveries would not be possible during a large part of the working day. This would severely impede the ability to deal with companies that give extended time slots for arrival.
  • Would carers be able to register and what would happen if a replacement carer had to attend at short notice?
  • What exemptions are there for children and parents with disabilities?
  • Would there be any follow-up survey done to establish any impact from displaced parking in neighbouring roads?

Residents’ Association councillors are urging people who live in and around the proposed School Street zones to take part in the survey and give their views.

This can be done via the Council’s website School Street Consultation or by writing to them at School Street Consultation, London Borough of Havering, Town Hall, Main Road, Romford, RM1 3BB.

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