Appropriation & Disposal of Hall Lane Mini Golf Course

You may have previously sent in a letter of objection for planning application P0248.19, the development of 48 houses and flats on the Hall Lane Upminster Pitch & Putt site. We are currently waiting to hear the final decision on this application.

Havering Council has just opened two further public consultations for this site (which are separate from the planning application):

  • To ‘appropriate’ the Pitch & Putt Site – Change what the site can be used for.

  • Disposal’ of the site – In this case for a housing development.

The two consultations are running in parallel and the details and timetables are as follows:

  • Reference: ‘Hall Lane Appropriation’

  • Reference: ‘Hall Lane Disposal’

  • Notices advertised in the Romford Recorder on 5th and 12th July.

  • Deadline for objections – 4:00 pm on 5th August

  • After the deadline, the objections for both consultations will be analysed, with a view to reporting the matter to Cabinet for a decision at the earliest possible date.

If you do not approve of the ‘disposal’ or ‘appropriation’ of the site, you will need to send in TWO separate objections stating your reasons, marked ‘Hall Lane Appropriation’ and ‘Hall Lane Disposal’, using the following email or postal addresses:


Ms Sarah Chaudhry

Director of Asset Management Services,

2 River Chambers, High Street, Romford, RM1 1HR

  1. I do not approve of the appropriate or disposal of the site. This number of houses will cause a lot of extra traffic and extra people in the community.

  2. i do not approve of the appropriation or disposal of this site.The destruction of those beautiful trees to be replaced by yet another ugly estate of tedious little box houses so that someone can make a quick buck should be a criminal act.40 more houses also mean 100 more cars in an area that is already too congested. This will be a hideous eyesore in a beautiful road.

  3. It’s an amazing place really. We recently moved to the area and have been there once. It’s really lovely with amazing trees. Will be an absolute shame if it were converted to property to add congestion and pollution. There is so much brownfield sites that can be used not amazing nature and green spaces.

    What about opening it as a park (just like Upminster Park or the playing fields at Avon Road / Hall lane at all times and in addition having the mini golf on weekends and school holidays? Or even allowing people to bring in their own golf equipment and put a donation box out of “manned ours”?


  4. Have lived in Hornchurch since 1976 and have used the mini golf course on numerous occasions both with my children and latterly with my grandchildren.
    It is an oasis of peace and calm and should in no way be considered for housing development and the accompanying increase in traffic and pollution in what is already becoming an overcrowded and congested borough.
    Use some common sense for once and take a look at the numerous brownfield sites around the borough which should be utilised initially if housing requirements are really that crucial, something I would argue with anyway.

  5. Green Lung areas MUST be left alone for the future of the community and our children.
    Open spaces for nature, wildlife and mature trees are invaluable in a community and must be valued. The pitch and putt area is open for all and provides a unique experience for young children. It is accessible to those without cars or gardens.
    No housing estate there will be ‘affordable’ housing and so is completely unneccessary and only intended to make someone extremely rich. The area will be sold off for comparitive peanuts and no longer belong to or benefit the community. It will increase traffic and pollution and benefit no resident of Upminster.
    At this time when we are finally becoming aware of how important the environment is to our wellbeing, why would the council decide to destroy such a beautiful and valuable piece of land?
    I strongly object to both proposals.

  6. Appropriation comment.

    I am against this proposal for many reasons. This little piece of land is an oasis in a busy, already congested road. The trees are fantastic and have been there for many,many years and help in our fight against pollution.
    The area is also a home for many types of wildlife. The golf course itself could be updated and provide mental and physical wellbeing for families in the area. Brentwood have done this and it provides a good income for their council.
    These are the benefits ,however, the other problems appropriation would cause are increased congestion on a very busy road, increased pressure on schools, doctors surgeries, hospitals that are already unable to cope.

    • Dear Denise,

      I take it that you have submitted both comments to the council?

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

  7. Hall lane Disposal

    I do not approve of the disposal of this site for many reasons.
    This is a beautiful site as well as its function in the community. The trees are amazing and help to fight the pollution from busy roads in the area. It has also become an oasis for wild life in the area and improves the mental and physical wellbeing of Upminster residents. With a bit of imagination and a little updating the mini golf course could also become a lucrative investment for the council as it has in Brentwood.
    If this land is built on the increase traffic in an already busy road would be terrible. Local schools, doctors and hospital would be put under unbearable pressure.
    I urge you to think again this is not a good idea.

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