Ardleigh Green Bridge 15-Month Delay – Letter to Mayor of London

Further to the recent revelation from TfL that completion of the Ardleigh Green Road Bridge Replacement works has slipped a mere 15 months to the Spring of 2019, the Upminster & Cranham Residents’ Association have written to the Mayor of London to express a deep sense of unhappiness and to seek explanations and clarification on a number of points (see below). The full letter can be viewed at ARDLEIGH GREEN BRIDGE v4.

  1. The explanation given that the delay is largely due to ‘complex demolition work that took longer than expected’ is completely inadequate and we ask for a much fuller explanation.
  2. What measures are being taken to expedite the completion of the works rather than just quoting a 15-month delay?
  3. Improving air quality is clearly a Mayoral priority, but the ongoing congestion because of these works is worsening the situation. What measures will be taken to mitigate against this?
  4. The cost of the project was quoted as £32m, given the considerable delay what will be the eventual estimated cost of the project and how will this be funded?
  5. What arrangements for compensation will be extended to our local businesses, particularly those on the A127, and residents who will have to endure a further 15 months of pollution, delay and inconvenience?
  6. Given the considerable delay, how will this impact on the proposed improvement works at Gallows Corner (A127/A12)
  7. This junction is a vital route through our borough, carrying considerable amounts of traffic. The ongoing delays has created rat-runs in nearby residential roads creating significant inconvenience, pollution and increased traffic flow for residents to contend with. What measures will be put in place to mitigate against this inconvenience until the Spring of 2019?
  8. What lessons have been learnt from the failure to effectively Project Manage this scheme?
  1. What deadline penalties have been put in place and will Havering receive the bulk of any paid ?

    • We have asked the Mayor of London about penalties, among other questions. I would hope that any financial penalty would go to the businesses and residents most affected. Having said that, any penalty imposed on a public body is ultimately funded by taxpayers!

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