Arts Council England funding for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Arts Council England has launched a £5 million funding programme to support voluntary and community organisations in England to develop creative and cultural activities as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The Let’s Create Platinum Jubilee Fund will make grants of up to £10,000. Applicants will be encouraged to think about what creative activity would mean the most to their local communities and why, and to partner with established artists, creatives and cultural organisations to develop their activities.

To be eligible projects should engage with at least one of the artforms which ACE supports through its funding. These are

  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Visual arts
  • Literature
  • Combined arts – including festivals and carnivals
  • Museum and library activities.

A very wide range of creative and cultural activities will be considered but examples could include:

  • Spoken word poetry events and performances in a community space
  • A community play or production
  • An artistic exhibition in a local park, street or village hall

Schools are not eligible but PTA groups can apply if they meet the eligibility guidelines.

The Fund will be administered by UK Community Foundations (UKCF). Applicants should refer to their local Community Foundation for details of the closing date in their area. Applicants can find information on all the community foundations on the UKCF website.

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