Beware of builders scam

Upminster Police Safer Neighbourhood Team have circulated the following message – 

‘We were contacted by a resident who wanted to make others aware of this scam, if you are having building work done.

Yesterday, whilst her builder was working, a van pulled up at their address and was very interested in what he was doing, asking where he got his material from and cost etc.

At about 5.15pm, after the builder had left, two males, possibly the same two males, went back to the address and said they had come round to collect some money, as they needed to go and buy more material. The home owner said they didn’t have any there and was told “You must have cards. You can go to the cashpoint instead.” He said he didn’t have bank cards and couldn’t get any money out.

They were very lucky, as they knew their builder wouldn’t ask for money whilst doing the job, which he had finished that day anyway.

The males were described as white with Irish accents.’

Please always be aware of scams and report any suspicious activity to the police, via 999 if the suspects are still nearby.

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