Budget Consultation – Cuts for Charities, Libraries and Street Lighting!

With the Council facing a £37m funding gap over the next four years, a consultation on savings proposals was launched today (1st August).

Proposed savings need to be thought through properly and not introduced where they have failed elsewhere or have a highly detrimental effect on our community. The conservative council have now put forward a number of suggestions to close the gap, but haven’t provided any detail as to scope or risk, for example:

  • Close conveniences and rely on shops/restaurants to allow public usage
  • Reduce and/or close libraries
  • Make voluntary organisations and charities pay business rates
  • Turn off street lights during small hours
  • Increase car parking charges and expand resident parking permit schemes

These are just some of the general proposals that form part of a very light touch consultation which gives only a vague sense of a financial strategy.

The consultation and associated reports can be accessed HERE.

There will also be a consultation event at the New Windmill Hall on 25th September (6.30pm) which I would thoroughly recommend residents attend and ask questions.

Your Residents’ Association will make absolutely sure that all proposals are thoroughly scrutinised and will oppose propositions that are harmful to the community. We shall, of course, be working on an alternative financial strategy to counter the more ridiculous proposals made by the conservative administration.

Cllr Clarence Barrett

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