Care Home Proposal for Upminster


St Mary’s Lane, Eaton Rd is within the enclosure

A number of residents will have received a letter from Carebase regarding proposals for a 70-bed Residential Care Home together with a 32 bed Brain Injury home on the vacant site in St. Mary’s Lane next to Coopers School playing fields (adjacent to Eaton Road). The company are in pre-application talks with the Council and the ‘public consultation’ is being organised by Carebase (18th October, The Minor Hall, St Laurence Church, 3:30pm to 7:30pm) rather than the Council.

No formal application has yet been made to the Council but we will keep you informed as the matter progresses.
Cllr Linda Van den Hende
  1. I wonder how many people will object to this retirement home I expect more than objected to the retirement home which has been given planning permission on the Old Windmill site and taking some of Upminster Park’s ground and the Car Park belonging to Upminster Park.

    • It by coopers school they are planning to build not by the windmill. The site by coopers school is by the british legion. Coopers field is massive and its a good idea. Just my opinion, i lived in cranham for over 20years

      • Tracy, I think you will find the application is not by the British Legion. It is for the land on the other side of Coopers’ school. Eaton Road is currently closed off and overgrown. It runs around the houses which were built along from Coopers’ field a couple of years ago.
        The proposed location for the Care Home is between Coopers’ playing field and those new houses ie between Coopers school and The Chase (by Wantz bridge).

    • Hi Patricia,

      I’m Hayley from the Romford Recorder – how are you?
      Did you receive a letter? We would like to do something for this week’s paper and it would be great to see a copy of it if possible.

      If you could let me know I’d really appreciate it 🙂

      Best Wishes,

    • It’s for 102 patients. Plus all the nurses and cleaners etc. With a staff room, bathrooms for patients, car park for families to visit etc it will be a vast complex.

  2. Stop this now and make them put in the other 2 detached properties to match existing. The road will not take anymore traffic. Apart from the school traffic we have the rat run from the a127 which now lasts all day long. Stand together and stop this before the council gives in to another rest home.

  3. I totally agree with J Anthony, we dont need a carehome in Upminster, we have more than enough vacant beds in Havering. Ive lived in Upminster for 40years. When the 127 has problems its st. marys that gets very congested,plus you have great difficulty with getting out of roads that take you on to st. marys lane, we have more than enough problems with parking already. We dont need more problems with another carehome.

  4. When the original planning application was submitted for the three detached houses next to this land it was submitted on the condition that the land next to it would be turned into woodlands with trees planted. Anyone can look this up on the planning portal. Why have the developers been allowed to build and sell the three houses and not commit to planting the trees that were part of the plan? Why have the planning officials not taken enforcement action for the developers to plant trees on this land? Why are they now submitting a planning application for a brain injury unit? I feel that I have been deceived by the original planning application for the three detached houses as I never objected to their building even though I live right opposite one of them as I thought the compromise of having trees planted on the adjacent land was a fair compromise. They have deceived the public and deceived the planning department.

  5. Good care home facilities are needed now and will be even more in demand in the years to come.
    Also brain injury facilities are also in demand especially for cyclist/motorcyclist injuries so I believe that this is an excellent idea and will not lead to much extra traffic as neither establishment will have the need for large car parking facilities.

  6. THe traffic problems will be massive, this road is always busy. when the detached properties were built there was a clause to say that residents in bungalows in St Marys Lane were to have a view of the church still. DOnt think this is the case.

    Why cant we keep this bit of land as green belt, its opening up a precedent to use up green belt. As previous person said, it was supposed to be planted with trees on adjacent land once the three detached houses were built.
    i object to this application
    Shirley Ward

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