Council Budget 2019/20 and Council Tax setting decision

Last Wednesday (27th Feb) the full council met to set Havering Council’s budget for 2019/20, which included setting the residential council tax rates.

The Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association, together with Residents’ groups from other parts of the borough, put forward alternative budget proposals to those made by the ruling Conservative administration, including retaining the free 30-minute parking in Upminster and Hornchurch. Unfortunately, these were defeated by 29 votes to 24, with the three non-Conservative Harold Wood councillors voting with the Conservatives.

The administration’s budget proposals were then voted on, received 29 votes of support and were therefore passed. This means that Council Tax is set at £1,728.66 for a band D property. For further details of the 2019/20 budget visit Havering Council’s website.

We are extremely disappointed that the administration did not listen to the outcry from your local councillors and the thousands of people who have signed online and paper petitions to keep the free 30-minute parking in Upminster and Hornchurch. The new parking charges are likely to come into affect from April but we will continue to campaign to have this decision reversed.

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