Council Budgets & Council Tax – So What is it Spent on?

A question often asked of councillors is what is Council Tax actually spent on, a fair question which deserves a fair answer!

Just taking anannual net  revenue budget of £163m, 63% is spent on Education and Social Care, areas where we are legally obliged to provide services. On top of that, we have to pay £13.7m for our waste to be dealt with and a further £2.2m for weekly waste collection service.

Something to bear in mind is that a revenue budget relates to the day to day expenditure of running the Council (£163m above) and is funded by council tax, fees & charges, revenue grants and business rates. Capital budgets is money spent on creating or improving long term assets. For example building or improving a library or sports centre. It is not the day to day running and is usually funded through borrowing or capital grants

A simple way to look at how your council tax is spent is to look at an average Council Tax bill (Band D property) which works out at £29.70 per week (£1,544 per year). If that were broken down over the services it funds, it would look like this:

£9.39  Social Care

£6.07  Education

£5.48  Central & Corporate Administration

£2.47  Waste Disposal Levy

£2.12  Culture & Leisure

£1.79  Roads, pavements, car parking

£1.28  Rubbish Collection & Street Sweeping

£0.53  Planning & Development

£0.46  Environmental Health

£0.11  Housing Advice

£29.70  Total

This is a very high level view, but below is a short powerpoint presentation I have put together which aims to set out the budget and council tax in an easy to follow format.

Havering-Council-Budget-Council 2017 feb

Always happy to answer any queries, questions or suggestions on this.

Cllr Clarence Barrett

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