Cranham Councillors proposals re Dury Falls Alleyway

The condition of the public footway leading between the Dury Falls Estate and Upminster Station has been a concern to residents for many years, with incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour occurring. Indeed, residents undertook a pruning session in the early Autumn, frustrated at the lack of a promised clear-up by the council.

The Cranham Ward councillors are determined that a long term solution should be provided to turn what is a dark, narrow and often overgrown alley into a place that residents and visitors can feel safe using, both day and night. To do this, we are proposing to use recognised crime prevention and environmental measures, such as widening the alleyway, removing blind corners, providing better lighting and fencing and possibly including a cycle path.

As a first step, we approached Network Rail to see if they would be willing to sell a strip of railway land running parallel to the alleyway. In response, they have invited a formal purchase application.

We have therefore approached Havering Council for them to agree to form a Working Group (with RA councillors included) to look into the feasibility of the project. Unfortunately, we have been told that this cannot be decided until mid December due to Purdah restrictions on the council in the lead up to the General Election. However, we will continue to keep residents updated of progress once Purdah is over.

Cllrs John Tyler, Gillian Ford and Linda Van den Hende
Cranham Ward Councillors

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