Darker nights, Brighter lights, Keep Burglars out!

The Police Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) in Emerson Park have issued the following advice, which we thought would be useful for Upminster and Cranham residents as well.

‘Hello residents. This month I will be focusing on how to light up your home. As the days get shorter and darker earlier here are some tips to help keep you and your home safe.

THINGS TO KNOW – A home in darkness is a sign that it is empty. Burglaries tend to increase during the winter months as the day gets shorter and darker earlier.

THINGS TO DOLight Up: Keeping a light on or using timer switches is a brilliant way to turn on lights when you’re not at home. Look in when you’re out: Keeping the television or radio on to make it look like someone is in. Alarm: Installing a burglar alarm is always a good deterrent. Lock up: Always lock windows and doors, even at night. Remember not to keep valuables on display where they can be seen.

Darker nights, Brighter lights, Keep Burglars out!

PC Jay PATEL 1306EA’

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