English tuition for Ukrainian refugees

Speak the World Language School, who are based in Upminster, have asked us to highlight their current work in providing language services for Ukrainian refugees.

Speak the World Language School provides English tuition to Ukrainian refugees. There are already many refugees that have arrived locally and we strongly believe that the only way for people to integrate in to local community is to be able to communicate.

Most refugees would like to start working as soon as possible, so they need at least basic English in order to apply for jobs. There are many children and teenagers that are waiting to be accepted in to local schools and we would like to make this transition for them as smooth as possible by getting them up to speed with their English.

We are also in contact with an English teacher, who is an Ukrainian refugee herself, and would like to help her countrymen to learn and improve the language.

We would welcome any donations towards the costs of running these English classes.

For further information contact Yulia on 07801 927 564 or e-mail info@speaktheworld.co.uk . You can also visit their website – www.speaktheworld.co.uk/  or visit their Facebook page Speaktheworldlanguageschool  .

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