Hall Lane Pitch & Putt – Advice re Two New Consultations

We thought it would be helpful to provide you with some tools to help you with your letters of objection to the two consultations currently underway for the Hall Lane Pitch and Putt site.

Independent letters are required, one for each consultation. Both may be very similar, but you need to ensure you do not confuse the two letters, using ‘Disposal’ for one letter and ‘Appropriation’ for the other. For example:

Letter No. 1 ‘Disposal’: Disposal of the site would not be in line with Policy 28 and the site as a heritage asset.

Letter No. 2 ‘Appropriation’: Appropriation of the site would not be in line with Policy 28 and the site as a heritage asset.

The Local Development Plan contains all of the planning policy areas that have to be taken into consideration. You can judge for yourself which policies are applicable to the above consultations via this link.

The Hall Lane Policy Area Supplementary Planning Policy document, deals with the protected status of parts of Hall Lane and can be viewed via this link. The Pitch and Putt site is not protected by this policy, as it is designated as ‘public open space’ and therefore theoretically protected separately. However the properties surrounding the site are protected.

There is also the environmental impact, which you could draw out from the documents above, or the Greater London Authority, Local Government Association and other regional, national and international policies and directives. These could include climate change, wildlife, emissions, air quality etc.

We hope you find this of use.

Cranham Ward Councillors

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