Havering Grant to be Slashed by 96%

cvrThe recent central grant settlement for Havering is far worse than anticipated. This is largely due to the government adopting a completely different formula when assessing grant. In summary, our government funding goes from £31m this year down to £1.4m in 2019/20 – a 96% cut. Havering has seen much bigger reductions than its neighbours with no account taken of the increased pressures we face through an aging population and being the biggest net importer of children in London. We shall be lobbying the government hard to review this most unfair situation. Of course, this makes balancing the budget more difficult than ever and will mean making some very tough choices. Among other changes the government have made are:

  • A 2% levy on council tax to support Adult Social Care
  • Public Health budgets reduced
  • New Homes Bonus cut from £7m to £4.3m
  • Business Rates will be retained by local councils from 2020

In respect of the proposed 2% levy to support Adult Social Care, the Council are seeking your view on the increase HERE 

A full report will be presented to the Council Cabinet on 20th January and will be posted here.

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