Land South of Kerry Drive – Consultation event update (Post further updated 19 September)

As many people will be aware, the consultation event regarding the proposed development of houses and flats on Green Belt land south of Kerry Drive in Cranham (next to Heron Way and Mallard Close), took place on 17 September.

The three Residents’ Association Cranham Ward councillors attended and it is fair to say that the vast majority of the people we spoke to were against the principle of development of this land.

For those unable to attend, the main points were –

1) There has NOT been a planning application at this stage, although Inland Homes have indicated that they propose to submit an outline application in October. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to make formal comments to the council at this stage.

2) The land concerned is wholly in the designated Green Belt.

3) The proposals are apparently for a mixture of 98 houses and flats. There were basic designs shown at the consultation event but these could be altered prior to any planning application being submitted.

Your Cranham Ward councillors have since met to discuss these proposals and will call a public meeting if and when a planning application is submitted. Details of this will be highlighted on this website, The Bulletin and on social media.

For those who were unable to attend the consultation event, below are photos of the exhibition boards displayed at the consultation event.





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