Lower Thames Crossing Petition

Havering Council have started an online petition to call for Havering residents to be given a discount on any toll at the proposed Lower Thames Crossing. Highways England previously included this in their proposals but have now changed their mind.

The late Cllr Clarence Barrett campaigned for a similar discount at the Dartford Crossing, as some Havering residents are far closer to the crossing than Thurrock and Dartford residents who already receive a discount.

To sign the petition visit Havering Council’s Lower Thames Crossing Petition website.

To view further details of the proposals for the crossing and to take part in the Highway’s England consultation that runs until 12 August 2020, visit the Highways England website.

  1. The LTC hasn’t passed through Consultation yet, so at this stage shouldn’t the Petition be to protect the environment and stop them bulldozing through Conservation Areas, Protected Woodlands and Community Forest?

  2. I agree Gary the council seems to be only preoccupied with this toll discount as if it’s a foregone conclusion that the crossing will be built. Surely we should still be fighting to stop the devastation to our area and the increase in traffic at junction 29 of the M25.

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