Mead’s Bar Mystery


Mead’s Bar, Station Road, Upminster (opposite Cost Cutter)

Earlier this year, the Alishan Restaurant in Station Road, Upminster, became Elbi’s Mediterranean Restaurant. During the transition, the shop front was changed and revealed that the premises was once known as ‘Mead’s Bar’ (see picture). Efforts to track down any information about Mead’s Bar have thus far proved elusive – do you know what Mead’s Bar once was? And who Mead was?

[picture from facebook – not sure of the photographer, but hope he/she doesn’t mind!]

  1. There was a very nice wine bar somewhere along there that specialised in fish dishes. I don’t remember it being called Meads though

  2. Worth enquiring in Kindas? They have been there a long whilex

  3. Another shop front installation in Upminster that breaches just about every basic Health & Safety regulation.

    Who from Havering Council approved these and monitors these installations and who is culpable if a worker or member of the public gets injured?

    Do these businesses ever submit RAMS for the work undertaken?

  4. I lived above Kindas since 1988 and the owner Claire bought Kindas at the same time – it was another Indian restaurant called Shurushi at that time.

  5. Also after Shurushi it was renamed Ajanta

  6. I think it was a restaurant promoting to specialise in fish dishes.
    I had my birthday celebration in there. It was the night of the great storm in 1987.
    A bottle of Asti Spumente cost a fortune.

    It didn’t stay for long!!

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