New planning application for Hall Lane mini golf site

On Friday 28 January 2022, Havering Council’s Planning Department advised Cranham Ward councillors that a full planning application had been submitted by Abbey Developments, the new owners of the former mini golf course in Hall Lane.

The application proposal is for ‘…landscaping, layout and scale for 35 residential dwellings, open spaces and related infrastructure’. The image below is taken from the new application. The full application documents can be viewed on the council’s planning website entry under P0112.22  .

The original outline planning application, which was granted in 2021, can be found under P0248.19  .


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  1. Major concerns the amount of additional traffic that will be created on Hall Lane.
    All vehicles will have to access the site from Hall Lane, this will impact the existing residents along this part of Hall Lane.
    What are the proposed traffic proposals for this new junction will a mini roundabout or traffic lights be created both of these will inconvenience existing residents along hall lane.
    The number of residences that will be created will have minimum impact on the requirements of Havering to create new housing. This will not provide any new affordable housing and the houses will probably be bought by people from outside the borough.
    This was an ideal opportunity to create a new park in Upminster especially as the current 2 have virtually no biodiversity and no not represent any carbon storage. This could have been used as an opportunity for the borough to promote its climate change agenda and meet its targets.
    Hall lane residents have already had more than their fair share of disruption caused by developers gentrifying properties in the road. They now face years of noise and disruption during the construction period. All these promises of being considerate constructors go out of the window as soon as anything threatens to effect the bottom line. What conditions are being applied to the directors of Abbey construction to ensure that they cause minimum disruption. Will they have to pay a bond up front to ensure they comply with conditions?
    The people who seem to benefit from this scheme are the council who get the money from the site and the developers. The people who lose are the existing residents of the area particularly those along Hall Lane and the people of Upminster who lose a resource.
    Is this going to be a gated community? Is this part of Havering levelling up???????

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