New Trees in Front Lane

A few months ago a local resident contacted us to suggest that extra trees be planted on the grass along Front Lane, Cranham, in the area near to Griffin Avenue and the flats in Gadsden Close, to brighten up the area further and help absorb carbon dioxide. This seemed like a very good idea and so I approached Havering Council.

Having considered the matter, the council have now agreed to plant an additional five trees along this stretch of grass during the next planting season (November to March).

It is nice to see that something positive can come out of a simple suggestion and I look forward to seeing the trees in place.

Cllr John Tyler



  1. This is great news but can anyone explain why the beautiful old tree in the middle of Upminster was chopped down last week (outside the Halifax bank)?

    • Dear Michael,

      I have passed on your message to my Upminster colleagues who will reply to you direct. If they have any information on this matter, I will also add it to the post.

      Cllr John Tyler

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