Petition for 20mph Zone for Dury Falls Estate

As local residents will know, Dury Falls Estate is a network of narrow residential roads with very limited kerbside parking space.

Over recent years, there have been growing concerns about the excessive speed of vehicles travelling through the estate which represents a serious hazard to both residents and road users. The introduction of a 20mph zone, as seen in other parts of the borough, would make the estate a safer place for motorists and residents alike. For example:

  • It will see a reduction in speed levels which will make a for a safer environment for residents and road users alike
  •  It will improve the character of the area and quality of life of all residents
  • It will contribute towards a cleaner environment by reducing levels of noise and air pollution

In addition, as the estate has only one road in and out, the 20mph zone can be easily contained within a clearly defined area.

To view and sign the petition – please click HERE


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