Petition for Zebra Crossing in Front Lane

The Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association (RA) are supporting a local resident’s online petition for a new zebra crossing to be installed in Front Lane, Cranham near to the junction with Isis Drive. Darren Taylor started the petition after RA councillor Gillian Ford had her request to Havering Council rejected due to lack of money.

In the petition, Darren states that “I am starting this petition to encourage our local council to re-address the constant speeding and dangerous driving along Front Lane, Cranham, which is causing the crossing of this road, for both the young and elderly, an increasing hazard. The danger of crossing Front Lane had become more apparent during the week of “bring your bike to school” week where Engayne students (amongst other schools in the borough) are encouraged to cycle/scoot to school.

Front Lane is a direct route from the A127 and drivers seem unaware that they are entering a residential area with crossings along the road that school children use twice a day. I witness everyday cars, vans and buses speeding, unaware of the dangers of crossing children and I am afraid that a serious accident is just waiting to happen.”

To access Darren’s online petition see this link.

  1. This is needed with school children crossing and cars driving very fast coming off a127

  2. The government are encouraging children to walk to school so they can get more healthy but crossing this road is very dangerous!!!

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