Planning Application for Land South of Kerry Drive

We have been advised that a widely anticipated planning application (P1687.19) has now been submitted to Havering Council for the development of up to 98 houses and flats on Green Belt land south of Kerry Drive, Cranham.

Cranham Ward Residents’ Association Councillors have organised a public meeting at 7pm on Monday 25 November at Cranham Community Centre, Marlborough Gardens.

You can view full details of the application and submit comments at quoting P1687.19 or via this link. Alternatively, you can post comments to: Planning Department, Mercury House, Mercury Gardens, Romford RM1 3SL.

Submissions need to be in to the local authority by 06 December 2019.

Cllrs Gillian Ford, Linda Van den Hende and John Tyler

  1. I may not be able to attend meeting.
    If, and I say if, this had the go ahead:-
    1. How long would residents have to put up with continuous construction traffic via limerick and Kerry?
    2. If all the houses have one car, and it does only one return journey a day – would equal 196 cars per day.
    71,540 per year.
    3. How can all the extra children be provided with schools in this area.
    4. Are extra buses going to be routed along moor lane?

  2. What happens when they run out of parking spaces on this estate as the roads will not be wide enough for cars to park on The streets does that mean they will start to park their vehicles in our streets blocking our drive ways and parking for our vehicles also the entrance in Heron way had been open since 1955 how has this building company got the wright to shut this entance when we have the wright to enter the Brickfields since all the time I have lived here

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