Protecting our Green Belt – Latest Update

green beltReaders may recall our Bulletin item last year on the Council’s obligation to produce a borough wide planning strategy, known as a ‘Local Plan’. As part of that plan, the Council is legally obliged to invite and consider applications from any interested parties to take land out of the Green Belt.

69 expressions of interest were received (see HERE). These applications are made by external parties, usually developers, and not by the Council nor do they carry any kind of endorsement from the Council.

In terms of decision making, it will eventually be up to the Council, after full consultation, to determine the outcomes. However, protecting our green belt is a big priority for all of us on the Council.

The initial consultation for the Havering Local Plan took place in Spring 2015 (see responses HERE) and a draft Local Plan will be available for public consultation this Autumn. Adoption of the Local Plan is due in the Spring of 2017.

We will, of course, publicise this in The Bulletin and on our website.


  1. We object to any type of buildings on green belt
    Especially near our home. We didn’t buy our house to overlook other houses & building works we bought for the location & view over green belt

  2. In addition to the environmental reasons not to sell off green belt land, There is already a shortage of school places, the c2c is packed everyday and it’s gridlock in town at rush hour. Hopefully the planners will think about these things if they are minded to sell off any land for anything more than the odd single property. Unless significant extra social provision is added, any new housing development will surely add too much pressure on already overburdened services.

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