Residents’ Association Public Meeting re Hall Lane Mini Golf planning application

With reference to the outrageous news that Havering Council have submitted an outline planning application to develop 48 homes on Upminster’s Mini Golf Course in Hall Lane, Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association have called a public meeting so that residents can find out more and voice their opinions –

Cranham Community Centre, Marlborough Gardens

7.15pm Monday 11th March

Full application details can be found by clicking on the link P0248.19


  1. Far from impressed. We live in a select area and it seems that every available green space is being eaten up by housing. Yes we probably do need more ‘lower end’ housing but not in the ‘high end’ area please consider the residents who worked hard to live here

  2. It is about time that this space was put to good use. It has been hardly used by the public for a number of years and must be expensive to maintain. We are in desperate need of more housing in our area. I have viewed the plans and they look very impressive and thoughtfully drawn up to preserve several existing, attractive trees and to provide space for public access. My only concern is that perhaps there should be more affordable, smaller dwellings and some social housing. The proposed plans would price out many people.

  3. i’m a local resident and state that more houses= more pressure on local roads,services,hospitals,schools,doctors,dentists,etc, it’s all about money, money for the council in selling off this land, money from council taxes etc. it’s a local green space and should remain so.looking at the plans and the house sizes it’s clear these are executive sized houses and this sort of housing is clearly unaffordable for local young people, so turn it into a local wildlife reserve/public place instead.

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