Residents’ Association Response to Havering Council’s Parking Consultations

Further to articles in The Bulletin regarding the Council trying to introduce ‘parking permits’, we have been informed that Havering have launched a ‘parking review consultation’ in several areas including Upminster, Emerson Park, Hornchurch and Harold Wood.

The council state that ‘……We are launching an online questionnaire that residents and businesses can respond to and some hard copies will also be available in libraries. At the same time the business engagement sessions are an opportunity for businesses from Hornchurch and Upminster to talk to the council about their concerns around parking in the area………we will notify businesses and residents of the results and next steps……either the end of this year or early next year.

We will promote this through social media, the local media, posters and word of mouth……I know that it was mentioned that letters were going to be sent to households and businesses to notify them, but due to the size of the consultation, it will be too costly.’

This review is apparently aimed at finding out what parking problems there are in parking in town centres and surrounding areas. The consultation is available online at and ends on 22 November. Emails can also be sent to .

The Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association have several concerns and will be writing to the council to express these –

1) A previous consultation in Upminster, in particular on the introduction of permits, resulted in an overwhelming response of NO!

2) The leading questions in the survey appear to encourage the introduction of Controlled Parking Zones, with residents and visitors all having to pay to park on the street.

3) The lack of information for those who do not have internet access or go to the library, means that many will miss out on the opportunity to make they feelings known. This is discriminatory.

4) Residents’ Association councillors were not allowed to attend the Upminster businesses meeting with the Council Leader, once again excluding us from the democratic process in Havering.


  1. It’s disgusting that the free 30 parking has been taken away
    The high street will soon not exist as all the pop ins will go
    We can drive to Tesco’s supermarkets and lakeside and park for free
    No wonder business are closing and the business rates lost
    Bring bank free 30 parking and bring the high street slice again

    i used to shop in Aldi regularly. But now , the parking is so expensive that I do my shopping in Tesco.
    1pound 50 for one hour is too EXPENSIVE AND RIDICULOUS .

    • We totally agree and will continue to do everything we can to push the current Conservative Administration that controls the council to bring the free 30-minute parking back in and review the other parking charges.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

  3. I Live in Woodhall Crescent in Hornchurch which does not appear to be included in the council’s areas for consultation. However many roads, such as mine, close to the roads to be surveyed may well be affected by any future parking schemes introduced by the council, due to the knock on effect.
    I would like the RA to take up this point with the council and request that all residents are given the chance to respond to the survey.

    • Dear Mr Ellis,

      We will take your point up, which has also been expressed by others outside of the areas included.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

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