Residents’ Association Stage Public Budget Meetings – Have Your Say!

Following the recent budget consultation meetings held across the borough, including the Upminster session on 25th September, the Upminster & Cranham Residents’ Association will be staging their own budget presentations on 7th and 8th November where we aim to explain the budget in terms everyone can understand and invite YOUR ideas and suggestions.

The Council presentations on potential budget savings next year lacked any detail of risk, impact or actually what the savings were (eg libraries, street lighting, car parking charges, toilets, etc) . In addition, it was widely commented that it was difficult to follow and simple questions went unanswered.

The presentation from the Council can be found at BUDGET SLIDES

The Upminster & Cranham Residents’ Association welcome residents on:

Wednesday 7th November (7.30pm) in St Joseph’s Social Club, St Mary’s Lane

Thursday 8th November (7.15pm) at Cranham Community Centre, Marlborough Gardens

We will cover:

    • Background to Budget & Funding
    • Why are we having these cuts
    • Impact on Council Tax
    • What do we know about the proposed cuts for next year
    • What about the Mayor of London and the Police?
    • Next Steps
    • Q&A throughout

 For further information please contact Cllr Clarence Barrett or call 07863116029.







  1. Has more detail been provided on the potential public toilets closures and provision of community facilities?

    • A little more detail which will be included in a post later today. Basically, the proposal is to close the automatic toilets and rely on shops/cafes, etc, to let people use their toilets!

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