Residents Request a Safe Place to Cross

Resident Darren Taylor contacted a Cranham Ward Councillor raising concerns over the availability of a safe crossing point in Front Lane, near Isis Drive. Darren suggested that “At a time when there are several government and council initiatives to encourage walking or ‘taking your bike to school’ weeks, it makes no sense that there is no safe provision for school children to cross at the top end of Front Lane.” Parents with older children have also raised concerns about their children walking to school on their own.

Having previously approached the Council for a crossing at this location several years ago, Cranham Ward Councillor Gillian Ford asked for the original plans to be revisited, only to be advised that funding was not available. Councillor Linda Van den Hende had also been approached by a couple of residents concerned with speeding in the road and, together with Councillor John Tyler, the three Councillors saw the immediate link of the two matters.

The introduction of a zebra crossing, would not only provide a safe place to cross for residents, but would also act as a speed reduction measure. Councillor Ford went onto say that “The local primary school is within the Public Space Protection Order area, restricting cars parking close to the school. This acts as an accident preventative measure around the school but also improves air quality, so why is it that we are not encouraging more walking to school by simply providing a safe place to cross?”

Not happy with the Councils response Darren Taylor started a petition with the support of the Cranham Ward Councillors, who are campaigning with residents, to see the introduction of the zebra crossing in Front Lane. It is hoped that the petition will be presented at the next Full Council and can be signed here.

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