St Mary’s Lane Road Safety Measures Approved

st marys lane

St Mary’s Lane

A series of road safety measures along St Mary’s Lane, including a speed table outside the Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School, was last night (5/1/16) approved by the Highways Advisory Committee – see full details HERE.




  1. This is an excellent idea and has my full support. I hope it goes through.

    • On the other hand, this would be a complete waste of money and create more signage clutter. If funds are available they should be spent on improving the footways to deal with trip hazards and prevent falls.

  2. it would be better if the speed restrictions went back down st. marys lane to the entrance to coopers which would allow for slower speed past shops with parked cars and for the bell school and coopers

  3. This speed control is long ovedue. More control is needed also in other roads (Argyle Gardens which is known as a rat run has road humps which are ineffective because they are not to specification.)
    One of the worst areas in St Mary’s Lane is from the shops down past Coopers School to the railway bridge.
    Would the speed control in St Mary’s Lane have speed cameras or road humps?

    • Speed cameras are not installed by the Council but by the London Safety Camera Partnership. Their criteria states that cameras may be used at locations where there are at least four collisions which resulted in a fatality or serious injury (KSI) over a three year period. These collisions must have also occurred within a 500m stretch of road, and two of them must be considered to be as result of vehicles travelling too fast. Funding for installing speed cameras currently comes from the Mayor of London.

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