Thank you to the mystery man!

A local lady, Shirley McClean, has asked us to say thank you to a mystery man who recently helped her and some fellow travellers.

Shirley had been invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace and was at Upminster Station with her daughter, when she became aware of a 95 year old man and his female companion, who were also dressed up to go to the Palace. The man had some difficulty getting to and boarding the train and a very kind and helpful younger man stepped in to help.

The same man kept an eye on them during the ride to Fenchurch Street and again helped the man off the train, down to the street and to a taxi rank, where all four Buckingham Palace invitees agreed to share a cab.

The helpful man spoke to the driver, they thought to explain the earlier difficulties, but when they pulled away, the driver told them that the kind man had paid him for the fare!

Of course they were all very touched by and grateful for the incredible kindness shown to the older man and the others but they have no contact details and no way to thank him. They all had a wonderful day and Shirley McClean has asked us to say thank you on her behalf.

If you were that kind person or know who he was, please send us a message via our Contact Us form, so that we can put Shirley in touch.

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