The Proper Blokes Club

The Proper Blokes Club is a community project for men’s mental health. It provides a way for ordinary blokes across London to meet up in a non-judgemental environment and ‘walk and talk’ to share their experiences.

Members of the group go on weekly walks atdifferent locations across London. The aim is to break the stigma of men’s mental health and start talking openly about it.

The club was started in September 2020 by Scott Johnson, a football coach from Bermondsey, who went through two relationship breakups followed by two custody battles in short succession. Struggling with his mental health, he started going on walks around his favourite spots and posting videos on Facebook of himself talking about his issues. He wanted to see if any local lads could resonate with how he was feeling.

Other men started joining him on his walk and talks and it’s been growing every week. Now there are seven walking groups across London, including one in Upminster which meets outside Upminster Station every Wednesday at 6.30pm.

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