Upminster Telephone Box a Listed Building!

While on the subject of Telephone Boxes, did you know that the telephone box outside Clockhouse Gardens, St Mary’s Lane, is actually a Grade II listed building?

The kiosk is an unusual K6 type telephone box which was designed in 1935 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. If you enter the kiosk and look above your head, you will see a plaque with the inscription of the designer and the year of manufacture.


  1. Is the one in Upminster Bridge station listed too

  2. Trisha, don’t think it is listed as such but it is classified as a building of local heritage interest. The station was opened in 1934 and the most noticeable feature is the reverse swastika on the floor of the entrance. These designs were quite popular in the early 1930s (but soon took on a more menacing significance).

  3. The telephone box in st Mary’s lane (outside the clock house) is in need of a lick of paint.how can we or who do we contact to maintain this listed building

    • Dear Bob,

      I am not sure but I will pass your message onto the Upminster Ward councillors, for them to look into this.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

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