Vehicles obscuring their number plates

Recently, we have been informed of a number of times in Upminster and Cranham where vehicles have been seen to have their number plates covered up when parking on yellow lines etc., in an attempt to avoid getting a parking ticket. This particularly appears to be the case outside some homes where building work is taking place.

Local councillors enquired with the Havering Council whether wardens are able to remove coverings over number plates to obtain the registration numbers, and received the following reply –

‘Thank you for your enquiry regarding builders obscuring vehicle number plates to avoid Penalty Charge Notice’s being issued.

It has been confirmed that Civil Enforcement Officers are allowed to remove anything that is obscuring a vehicles registration number and issue a Penalty Charge Notice, as long as this will not cause damage to the vehicle, and then replace it once a Penalty Charge Notice has been issued.

Please note this is also a criminal offence and the Police should be notified.’


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