Amended plans submitted for Hall Lane Mini Golf

With reference to the ongoing planning application (P0248.19) to redevelop the miniature golf course in Hall Lane, Upminster (see our previous posts), a revised application has been submitted to the Council’s Planning Department. The updated application has removed the previously proposed flats and reduced the number of total properties to 37.

Full details of the revised application can be found via the following link. Newly submitted documents are dated in 2020. The simple plan below, showing the proposed new layout, is contained on page 38 of the ‘Design and Access Statement Addendum‘.

You can submit comments via the same link or by post to – Planning Department, Mercury House, Mercury Gardens, Romford RM1 3SL.

We are currently checking to confirm that previously submitted comments will still be valid, where the comments relate to parts of the application that have not materially changed.

The Cranham Ward Councillors are currently examining the new documents in detail. However, nothing has changed our opposition to the proposed development of the mini golf course. We will therefore be conditionally calling in the application, which will mean one of two things –

  • If the Planning Office intend to give approval to the application (i.e. grant planning permission) then it will go before the Planning Committee for a decision.
  • If the Planning Office intend to refuse planning permission then the refusal may not need to go before the Planning Committee.

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