Brunswick Court

brunswick courtAs part of a Council wide review of Older Persons’ Housing Needs, Brunswick Court, along with a number of other sheltered accommodation sites, has been identified as in need of either substantial improvement, replacing or possible reprovision. While there is a large vacancy rate in bedsit provision, the rest of the area is well used.  Council officers have visited the site and are currently undertaking a consultation with each individual tenant to ascertain needs and provision of care. At the time of writing, that consultation is ongoing and no decision has been made as to the outcome. However, an important factor is the lack of other sheltered accommodation in the Cranham/Upminster area which will be a key consideration. We shall keep you updated on this important matter through the Bulletin and this website.

  1. What the hell is going on with Brunswick court Cranham. I went to the first meeting at Brunswick court and was told the building was to be demolished and some extra flats were to be built to help some youngsters to get on the housing list by part buying a property. The condition was that it had to be sold back to the local council all the original tenants were offered other properties and were eventually moved out. Bearing in mind this was a property for the old aged since then I have seen a complete new roof fitted central heating installed and I believe washbasins and maybe other alterations at a cost to all havering ratepayers. there have been various rumors circulating around as to what this building is being used for a little honesty would not go amiss from the local council. Keeping local tenants abreast of what the use is for it certainly is not being used for the older person

    • Dear Mr Turvey,

      The latest information that local councillors have is that Havering Council do still intend to knock the old buildings down and replace them with modern accommodation suitable for older and disabled residents. However, the original plan to do this as soon as the previous residents moved out was changed, as the council decided to concentrate on doing the same to a complex in Hornchurch.
      The council now intend to rebuild the site around 2025.

      However, when the pandemic struck last year, the council suddenly found themselves urgently needing to move some people out of other accommodation for COVID reasons and with Brunswick Court being empty, these are the people that are there now. None are intended to be long-term residents. For the next three years, some younger people (not children) will also be moving into the other side (Waycross Road side) but, again, none should be there long-term.

      With regard to costs of refurbishing Brunswick Court, we have been informed that the costs were less than would have been incurred if the council had housed the current residents in other forms of accommodation.

      Cllr John Tyler (Cranham Ward)

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