Byron Mansions Appeal Success

byron-8I am very pleased to say that the Planning Inspector has dismissed the appeals for the building of a third floor on top of the two blocks of flats, known locally as Byron Mansions (see application HERE).

The Inspector considered that overall the harm to the appearance of the existing blocks was unacceptable, despite the change of design proposed. This has been on ongoing issue and the first plans were rejected by council officers.  The second set of plans were recommended for approval by officers, but I called the applications in and following a strong representation at committee, including from residents, Members voted unanimously to reject the application.  The applicant having appeal, now has had this rejected. 

It is always possible that a further application could be submitted but given the Inspectors strong rejection, this is unlikely. The result is a great relief to residents in these blocks.

Cllr Linda Van den Hende


  1. Might wanna put a picture of the right flats up, that’s Springfield Court.

    Glad you pay attention. ?

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