Changes to Congestion Charge in London

Transport for London (TfL) have announced changes to the Congestion Charge in London. Below is a summary of the changes for people who live outside the charge area – 

Phase 1 (from 20 December 2021)

  • The charge level will be £15
  • No charge will be applied between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day bank holiday inclusive. This means the period from Saturday 25 December 2021 to Monday 3 January 2022 (inclusive) will not be charged.
  • The delayed payment charge will be £17.50 and the deadline will be extended for making a delayed payment to three days after the day of travel
  • The Auto Pay and Fleet Auto Pay discount will be removed
  • The reimbursement arrangements that were introduced as part of the temporary changes will be retained or adapted to ensure that people most vulnerable to infection from epidemics and pandemics will continue to be protected. This will also facilitate essential trips made by NHS staff in times of exceptional or extraordinary circumstances including for commuting purposes.

Phase 2 (from 21 February 2022)

  • The operating hours for the Congestion Charge will be 7am-6pm on weekdays and 12noon and 6pm on weekends and Bank Holidays

For further details see Tfl’s New Congestion Charge Proposals webpage.

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