Damyns Hall Aerodrome

With reference to our previous post regarding complaints local councillors have received about aircraft using Damyns Hall Aerodrome, Havering Council have sent us details of a House of Commons briefing paper from 2017, which summarises the law in respect of helicopter and light aircraft noise, safety when flying low over built up areas, permitted development for landing sites, and routes of complaint if an aircraft breaches those rules.

To view the briefing paper see the Nuisance from helicopters and light aircraft briefing link.

  1. I think it was the first Sunday morning after the article on noise pollution from Damyns Hall Aerodrome was published in the Bulletin. A plane from this aerodrome was seen by me flying round repeatedly over councillors Ron Owers home and finally passing over Linda Hawthorns and then heading back towards the Aerodrome. I did inform Linda of what I had seen that morning.

  2. Good Morning, Just for your information a plane has been flying round and round again this morning over Argyle gardens and surrounding roads.

  3. We would add our support to the concerns of excessive noise from Damyns Airfield. There have been many occasions when the noise appears to be extremely loud and, if sitting in the garden, it is necessary to stop talking until the noise has faded. However it often returns with regularity, seemingly practising take-off & landing? The smaller flying machines (? Microlights) sound like loud lawnmowers. We used to consider the aircraft an interesting & entertaining aspect but all in all this has increased greatly over the 5 years that we have lived here. This summer there were occasions when the noise was so obtrusive that we did not sit in the garden.

  4. Planes flying over The Glade and Huntsmans Drive for most of the afternoon on Saturday, 9th October, iincluding one doing aerobatics and 2 helicopters. I understand that this is towards the edge of the no-fly zone but the noise is intrusive and aerobatics over residential areas clearly dangerous.

  5. Hi all, Rather not have planes flying in and out of the airstrip. But there needs to be a comprise. So I would like to have the stunt flying stop. It’s noisy and very polluting to environment. However it they want to use an electric powered quiet plane then I would be fine. But this needs to be stopped. It’s very disrespectful to the residents of Upminster.

  6. I find the noise of light aircraft is becoming more frequent and more often directly overhead.

    I have been tracking the aircraft here:


    Unfortunately many of these aircraft (including the Spitfire/helicopter pairings) come from other aerodromes such as Stapleford Tawney.

    This will make the matter harder to resolve because those places seem to be less concerned about what their pilots do when “off their patch”.

    Will post again when I have some more information.



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