Green Belt protection petition

We have been informed of an online petition to the UK Government and Parliament, seeking to change the way housing need is calculated in local authority areas, putting pressure on Green Belt and Areas of Natural Beauty.

The full text of the petition is as follows –

‘We call on the Government to change the standard method for calculating local housing need. The current method uses growth projections from 2014, which we believe is out of date and more recent data should be used to calculate the baseline amount of housing needed.

We also believe that there should be no “affordability” uplift applied in large areas of greenbelt, AONB, National Parks or areas within 5.6km of Special Areas of Conservation (SACs). Because the uplift increases the ‘true need’ figure by up to 40% it does not address affordability, and in addition, building too many homes in these areas could have negative environmental effects.’

To view the petition and sign it online visit  .

*Highlighting this petition on our website does not signify specific support (or otherwise) on the part of the Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association.

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