Local food/clothes/medical supplies collection for Ukraine

The Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association have been asked to publicise the following –

The Speak the World Language School are organising a collection to help Ukranian children and families affected by the military conflict in Ukraine. Still a huge number of people are stuck in the cities and villages. They live in bomb shelters; food is running out. Bombing and gunfire do not give people the opportunity to go out, the shops are empty, the transport does not run and it is deadly dangerous to leave on your own. The Baby Houses were relocated to bomb shelters with a few nannies keeping watch. The temperature in the cellars is very low, and it still snows at night. Everything is running out – medicines, nappies, food, hygiene products.

On Saturday 05 and Sunday 06 March 2022 they will be collecting dry food (pasta, rice, etc.), nappies (women and babies), warm clothes, blankets and most important medical supplies (e.g. painkillers, first aid kits, gloves, aprons, bandages, etc.) at the New Windmill Hall, St. Mary’s Lane, Upminster RM14 2LX. From Monday 07 March, the goods will be delivered to the Ukraine by volunteers, in collaboration with a recognised organisation.

Deliveries should be made to the back of the hall (facing the park, not the main road) at the following times –

Saturday: 10am–4pm

Sunday: 10am–1pm and 2–4pm

  1. Obviously it’s a great campaign and I’m sure everyone will want to donate, myself included. The logistics seem to be the biggest challenge though, will there really be enough transport to get everything where it’s needed and if there isn’t, is there somewhere to store it until it can be moved? What is the recognised organisation? I want to get involved but I want to make sure my help is definitely going to get through to where it’s needed.

  2. Well done

    Will there be another collection.. only just seen this.

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