Moor Lane resurfacing 03-10 July 2023

Havering Council have informed us that there will be road resurfacing work in Moor Lane, Cranham, on weekdays from 8am-5pm on Monday 03 to Monday 10 July 2023. During these times, relavent sections of Moor Lane will be closed to traffic, except for access.

Most of the works will take place from the northern end of Moor Lane to the northern junction with Heron Way. Additional resurfacing will occur outside the shops and another small section of road near to Nightingale Avenue.

There are a lot of roadworks taking place in Upminster and Cranham over the summer period. For the latest information on current works see .

  1. Users of the 346 bus might like to know that, from 8am Monday 3 July until 5pm Monday 10 July (weekdays), it won’t serve Moor Lane/Queens Gardens. Instead, it will be diverted along Front Lane.

    As usual with road closures on this route, a few small notices have been posted, not always visible from the ad hoc stops along the hail-and-ride section. During past diversions, I’ve often met people patiently waiting at these for a bus that wasn’t going to arrive. It would have been helpful if the council had mentioned bus service changes in their otherwise helpful letter about the works to local residents – we aren’t all enslaved to the motor car!

    • Thank you for letting us kno0w. I had asked the council about this and was waiting for a reply.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

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