Planning application at 11 Station Road, Upminster refused

The Local Planning Authority in Havering has announced that the recent planning application for the former site of Time Tees Cars in Station Road, Upminster has been refused.

Reasons for refusal include ‘…overall scale, bulk, height and design and proximity to the shared boundaries, would dominate the townscape with particular reference to the high quality adjacent buildings flanking the application site fronting Station Road…’ and ‘The proposed development is considered to result in harm to highways safety and free flow of traffic…’

Application Number: P1585.22

Location: 11 Station Road Upminster

Proposal: Demolition of all buildings and redevelopment to provide a hotel (within Use Class C1) at ground floor and part three and part four storeys over; together with premises at ground floor for the display or retail sale of goods, other than hot food (Use Class E(a)); and/or for the sale of food and drink for consumption (mostly) on the premises (Use Class E(b)), and/or for the provision of financial services, professional services or other appropriate services in a commercial, business or service locality (Use Class E(c)).

After carefully considering the planning issues and any comments received the council decided to refuse the application

Further details of the decision including a copy of the decision notice can be viewed by using the link – P1585.22 application details.

Please note that the applicant has the right to submit an appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate. An appeal must be submitted within 6 months of the date of decision. You will be notified if an appeal is submitted.

Planning Control

  1. I have received notification the Secretary of State is now involved in the planning refusal & can overturn Havering refusal of the Travel Lodge application. What more can we do to prevent this 82 roomed hotel in Upminster High St.

  2. It will cause traffic congestion and a unsafe environment for children going to school also will affect the buses

  3. I still stand by my original opinion that it is totally the wrong place to put a hotel, with 3 schools close by, all the congestion we get at that junction. To my mind it’s just asking for more trouble.

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