Planning application for Exchange House 180-182 St. Mary’s Lane

A planning application has been submitted for ‘Prior Approval for demolition of Exchange House, no. 180-182 St Mary’s Lane’. The application can be viewed and and comments submitted (by 16 August 2022) via Havering Planning – F0009.22  .

  1. Please do not keep letting developers come into our town and demolish buildings that are full of character, and build ones that do not fit in with the style of Upminster.
    Upminster is a traditional town, that is getting far to congested, and the new developments that are being allowed, pack far to many flats or houses into a space with no concern for the number of cars each house has, parking spaces or the additional number of people and the effects on the infrastructure.
    With regards to this demolition, can it not be refurbished, with no addition to the number of flats and no extra floor space or height, as this makes the high street feel like it is looming over you

  2. I totally agree with Sarah.
    The whole character of Upminster is changing, and not for the better, due to so many of the original houses and buildings being demolished and replaced with flats, or several houses on one plot.
    A prime example is the amount of original properties that have been demolished along Hall Lane.
    Exchange House should be refurbished as flats, but certainly not demolished!

  3. I agree. Setting aside the carbon cost of demolition and new build, which far outweighs conversion, this building has character and makes a real impact in the street scene. This building is ripe for conversion and whilst not locally Listed I’d question the validity of its demolition.

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