Proposal for Rainham Quarry

Upminster Ward councillors have recently been informed of a proposal by the Brett Group to establish a quarryto the immediate south-west of the junction of Hacton Lane and Berwick Pond Road.

Letters have been sent by the company to residents local to the proposed site (see below).

Brett are holding a public exhibition on Wednesday 05 and Friday 07 October 2022, from 3.30pm to 8.30pm on both days, in Hacton Hall, Haydock Close, Hornchurch RM12 6EA.

Further details of the proposal can be viewed on the website  .

  1. When the proposed fair ground site was disputed one of the reasons cited was that Park Farm Road was unsuitable to carry large vehicles. Nothing has changed to the infrastructure since then, so it must still be unsuitable. Also with that amount of trucks daily the road structure will break down and become dangerous, plus the pollution which constant heavy traffic will cause. Park Farm Road is too near to a residential area and therefore I consider this route totally unsuitable

  2. Totally agree with you.
    Pleased to hear that local Councillors are involved.

    • Are they? There is nothing to state that here; they have merely posted a copy of the letter to very local residents from Brett Aggregates. I hope they will actively support the group Hacton Quiet not Quarry set up by naturally concerned residents.

  3. There is an update on this on another page & the Councillors (who were not informed of Brett’s intentions) are indeed not supportive of their plans. That’s good news for residents needing the back up to fight it.

  4. Dear All.

    I feel that someone should find out what Council are are not n favour ?? and they if they don’t know already , that a meeting that is to take place on October 28th @ 6.45 pm with a 7pm start @ Sutton primary school Sutton Lane Hornchurch RM12 6rp they should be advised.

  5. Residents Councillors are active on this.
    Unlike the Political Parties I am pleased to see they are active all the time not just at election times.

  6. Great boost for the local economy and regional productivity. Any progressive development (housing, reservoirs, quarry, retail etc) will always be opposed by British NIMBYs who want to benefit from a growing economy, generous state funded pensions etc while simultaneously trying to ensure none of the infrastructure needed for that is created near them.

    As a local resident I fully support these proposals.

    • Your right, however the roads are not suitable.

      I assume you don’t know or live in the area? Or work for the company.

      Most who live in the area would object.

      And rightly so

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