Proposed Data Centre update

There are currently long-term proposals for a data centre to be built on farmland to the east of Upminster, in an area east of Clay Tye Road and north of Fen Lane. These are only in their early stages and a planning application has not been submitted. However, should the proposals proceed, they are likely to attract considerable public interest.

Residents’ Association councillors from both Upminster and Cranham wards are taking a keen interest in the matter and will residents updated.

Havering Council released a news item on their website on 20 April 2023, and we have provided a link to this, so that readers can keep informed. To view this, see the East Havering data centre link on the council website.

  1. What is it? Will it help broadband speed?

    • Geoff,

      In simple terms, Data Centres store data, for things like cloud storage or data back-up for large organisations etc. I don’t believe that they specifically improve broadband speed.

      The IBM website defines a data centre as the below –

      ‘A data center is a physical room, building or facility that houses IT infrastructure for building, running, and delivering applications and services, and for storing and managing the data associated with those applications and services. Data centers have evolved in recent years from privately-owned, tightly-controlled on-premises facilities housing traditional IT infrastructure for the exclusive use of one company, to remote facilities or networks of facilities owned by cloud service providers housing virtualized IT infrastructure for the shared use of multiple companies and customers.’

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

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