Tips on preventing catalytic converter thefts

Catalytic converter thefts are increasingly a problem for motorists, being lucrative for thieves and extremely disruptive to vehicle owners.  Below are some tips on reducing the risk of your vehicle suffering such a theft –

1) Park to prevent access underneath – If you can, park somewhere that would make it difficult for a thief to climb underneath your vehicle or jack it up, such as in an enclosed space.

2) Mark it to protect it – Some garages will etch a unique serial number, such as your vehicles chassis number (VIN) onto your catalytic converter, so that it can be easily identified if stolen. You will also be provided with a sticker to be displayed in your window, that indicates your catalytic converter is marked.

3) Spot weld the bolts on the catalytic converter – This will make it harder for them to be removed.

4) For Toyota owners – Toyota has it’s own device, called a Catloc.

5) There is also something called a CatClamp, which claps to the exhaust pipes, not the converter. It makes stealing your converter more difficult for a thief in a hurry.

For advice on whether your particular make of vehicle has specific anti-theft devices available, speak to a main dealer.

For general advice on preventing vehicle crime, see the Metropolitan Police crime prevention website.



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