Tree feathering advice

Havering Council staff are currently undertaking the feathering of street trees across the borough – removing new shoots growing from the bases of trees. This is a big task and the council encourage residents to feather trees near to their homes if they would like to.

They give the following advice –

  • Wear gloves and clothing appropriate for outdoors, including eye protection if you have them
  • Check the road – if it is busy with cars or people, wait for a quieter time of day
  • Work in a pair if you can – ask a relative or neighbour to join you
  • Take your time and be careful of the shoots catching you on the face
  • Be aware of rubbish, dog mess or broken glass that may be dumped in between branches or around the tree. If safe to do so, pick up any litter
  • Work your way to the base of the shoot and clip as close to the trunk as possible. If the shoots are too big for your hand tools, leave them – our tree teams or contractors will take care of it
  • Don’t use power tools, chainsaws or hedge trimmers
  • Get rid of the clippings in your green waste bin or take to the Gerpins Lane tip
  • Give yourself a well-deserved cup of tea or cold drink afterwards on a job well done

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