Update – Hall Lane and St. Mary’s Lane road closures

The information below is correct as of 4pm on Friday 17th January – 

Regarding the road closure in Hall Lane at the junction with Ingrebourne Gardens, I have just spoken to the council and they have been told by Essex and Suffolk Water that they should have the road re-opened by Sunday (19th).

Re the roadworks in St. Mary’s Lane between Lichfield Terrace and Pike Lane, although there are ‘Road Closed’ signs in place, many people will be aware that the road has been passable during the evening and overnight for several days.

I have just been informed by the council that they have instructed UK Power Networks to re-open the road over the weekend, as there is no valid reason to keep it closed. There will however be two-way traffic light control on Monday (20th) while they complete the work. The pathway is currently blocked to pedestrians but the council have instructed that one side should have work undertaken to allow pedestrians to pass safely. These actions should be undertaken in the near future.

Cllr John Tyler

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