Update re council weed control schedule

Every year, all roads and pavements in the borough receive four weed treatments, at regular intervals between Spring and Autumn. The first treatment for Upminster Ward was due in March, followed by Cranham Ward in April.

It has become obvious that in many local roads this has not yet taken place and so Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association (UCRA) councillors recently contacted Havering Council for an update. They received the following reply –

‘Thank you for bringing the below to our attention. Please accept our apologies for the delay in the completion of these works.

I have been informed by our contractor responsible for weeding works in the Borough that there have been recent issues with the treatments in the Upminster area, and a supervisor is organising a respray of the area, which are hoped to be completed by 27th May. The delay has been due to staff turnover, recent absences due to Covid and some lost days due to the weather in March.

A team is visiting Cranham from Wednesday (11 May), and the contractor is to split their resources to cover more wards simultaneously.

A supervisor will continue to monitor the team’s performance, to ensure that any further issues are addressed.’

UCRA councillors will continue to monitor the situation but if anyone believes that weeds in their road have not been treated by the end of May, please let us know.

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