Upminster War Memorials

war mem upminster

War Memorial, Corbets Tey Road

st joes war mem

War Memorial, St Joseph’s Church, Champion Rd

Across the borough, Remembrance Services will be taking place on Sunday 8th November. The War Memorial in Corbets Tey Road Upminster will receive wreaths from across the community to honour and remember those who have fallen in two world wars. The unveiling and dedication of the Upminster War Memorial took place on 8th May 1921 with 66 names inscribed from WW1. A further 123 names were added from WW2.

A slightly lesser known Memorial is situated by St Joseph’s Church in Champion Road with the inscription ‘In memory of the Catholic men of Upminster who gave their lives in the Second World War’.

There are several more memorial plaques and tablets in Upminster, for full details click HERE.



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