‘Urban Meadow’ update

With reference to our previous message concerning the ‘urban meadows’ Havering Council introduced this summer, Upminster Ward councillors have the following update regarding the one in Westbury Terrace and Litchfield Terrace –

‘When a wild-flower meadow was planted at the windmill field, it looked stunning, with a variety of colourful flowers, making a very nice frontage to our recently restored heritage building, but this is managed and the seeds were planted.

Unfortunately, this was not the case at Lichfield/Westbury Terrace, where the grass was simply left to grow long – a disaster. and one which us Councillors received many complaints about on a daily basis – leaving long grass is not a wild flower meadow, it’s just a mess.

This will now be cut, but we will certainly monitor this, and make certain the issue does not happen again next year.’


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